Rebounder Exercise Will Strengthen Every Cell in Your Body
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Rebounder Exercise For Better Health

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Rebounder exercise is one of the best, safest and most fun ways to get your exercise.

Here is where you can get lots of good information about rebounding and its health benefits, compare products and much more.

Rebounder exercise is a fun way to exercise that will not only reduce excess body fat and workout every muscle in your body but it will also strengthen your bones; give you an aerobic workout, very effectively stimulate your lymphatic system and rejuvenate every system in your body.

rebounder in use

Rebounding is actually a cellular exercise for every one of the hundred trillion cells of your body. It gives the equivalent benefit of three times as much jogging with less risk and you can do it in the safety and comfort of your home even while watching (something useful) on TV.

"The lymphatic pump becomes very active during exercise, often increasing lymph flow 10 to 30 fold." (C. Guyton, M.D., and John E. Hall, Ph.D., Textbook of Medical Physiology, 9th Ed.)

"The most effective form of exercise known!" - NASA

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Notes and Quotes from Health and Medical Sources

CBS News article

Brand comparison

To listen to an excellent audio recording (38 minutes) about Rebounding by a pioneer in the field, Mr. Albert E. Carter, click the play button below:

How is it that a 7th-grade girl could beat all but 3 (who wouldn't do it) of the 9th-grade boys in her school at arm wrestling? - the answer is in the audio and it has to do with rebounding.

Here is a fun way to evaluate what a rebounder might be worth to you. The link below the following example will take you to an on-line, interactive spreadsheet where you can enter your own values to estimate the dollar value to you from the various benefits of rebounding. Keep this window open so you can refer to the directions below the example.

rebounder spreadsheet

Now here is the link: Open spreadsheet (Will open in a new window.)
You will have to click to blue "Click to Edit" button in the upper right of the screen to use it.

Enter your numbers in the green shaded cells only. Refer to the numbered points below corresponding to each line. (You don't need to put in a value for every line.) Press enter after each change and wait a moment for it to take effect. Each entry will be reflected in the "Total value over 10 years" figure. Play around with the numbers and see what you get.

  1. Sick days: if you think it might help you avoid 1 lost work day/year, enter 1 in the "Frequency/year" column and put a value for it (a day's net wages) in the "Value/time period" column. More info: The benefits of rebounding to health
  2. Extra energy: You will feel more energy - to count that put a "1" in the "Frequency/day" column and add an amount for what that is worth to you in the "Value/time period" column. More info: Rebounding adds energy
  3. You will look better and feel younger - do the same as for the "Feel more energy" row.
  4. Save time: You can get your exercise while doing things like watching TV, freeing up time you would otherwise use exercising another way to do personal things. Estimate how much time this might be in one of the 3 frequency columns and then put a value on your time - it is worth something.
  5. Improved vision: - reboundind can have a very positive effect on your vision. Include a value for that. More Info: Rebounding and natural vision correction
  6. Other: If you think of another benefit that you could put a value on, do that in the "Other" row.
  7. Note that, while the value is calculated over 10 years, Reboundair Rebounders have a life-time warranty. Also, every member of your household could use it, multiplying its value.
  8. Now compare the estimated value to the actual cost - see below. With the bonus free product included it is not very much. This has the potential to bring value to you over the years many times its initial cost.

Now that you see how much this can be worth to you over the years, compare it to the cost of buying a quality rebounder with a life-time warranty.

Buy a Rebounder Now
and Get a Lifetime of Benefits

For current prices on rebounders, go to the Reboundair website.
Compare models there and then contact me to order and receive
a special discount. Note: the order has to be placed through me
for you to get your discount.

"Rebounding has improved my stamina, endurance and coordination besides improving my physical fitness and strength. I wholeheartedly recommend the ReboundAIR unit to people of all ages as the finest exercising equipment in the entire world." -Dr. Paul C. Bragg, Life Extension Specialist and Author, age 92.

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