Deep Breathing Can Help to Remove Pain
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Deep Breathing Removes Pain

and Provides Many Other Benefits

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Deep breathing of fresh air is very important for health. Some studies have found that the best predictor of longevity is lung capacity. Air is the nutrient you need more than any other. In fact, the average daily need per person amounts to 40 kg (88 lb) of air - you don't eat or drink anywhere near that amount.

Deep breathing improves oxygenation to the cells where it is needed to maintain life. Cancer prefers an anaerobic (low-oxygen) environment.

Proper Breathing Can Help Stop Pain

Here is an interesting account from 50 years ago suggesting that air alone can help to relieve pain:

"Physicians have long known ... that normal doses of aspirin won't help arthritis patients. It takes dosages of about 15 tablets a day to control arthritic pains. But at these doses, they said, aspirin produces what is called 'hyper-ventilation' - the patient constantly breathes deeply and rapidly, often while he's at rest. In turn, this hyperventilation lowers the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. To check their suspicions, the Los Angeles doctors put victims of arthritis in an iron lung and made them over-breathe without any aspirin. The relief of pain and other symptoms, they found, was just as effective as that achieved with aspirin." (Newsclip, July, 1958)

Is it possible that such deep breathing will help with other sources of pain? It might be worth a try. What could be a more natural form of pain relief? Considering that oxygen is often given to the critically injured or sick and can make such a difference, isn't it logical that more oxygen will help a person in most any condition?

Benefits of Proper Breathing

  1. Increases oxygen supply to the tissues
  2. Improves the removal of toxins
  3. Heightens concentration
  4. Triggers relaxation
  5. Pituitary gland stimulation. The pituitary is the master gland of life.

Use House Plants to Clean the Air

deep breathing

There are many houseplants that can help to clean the air in your house. Many types of ivy are good for this. NASA researchers estimate that home air can be kept clear if there is a 10-12 inch potted plant per 100 square foot of floor space. Of course, these plants will also help to replenish the oxygen levels. To the right is part of the plant that is trying to take over my office.

Additional Information

Learn my favorite breathing strategy to kill a cold at the first sign before it can get hold of you.

For excellent information on breathing and the benefits of good oxygenation go to:

Every cell in your body needs oxygen to stay alive - make sure they are getting it. Along with getting fresh air you can be following Dr. Exercise's advice and be getting your physical activity. If the weather is good, you can also keep Dr. Sunshine happy by getting a good dose of much needed Vitamin D with all its benefits. Go to the free doctor advice page where you can feel free to "ask a doctor" online for free advice.

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