Temperance Can be an Important Factor for Your Health
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Temperance is the Avoidance of all Things Harmful

and the Moderate Use of that Which is Good

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Temperance is commonly defined as something like "moderation or self-restraint especially in eating and drinking." Is this just an old-fashioned word left from the temperance movement of 100+ years ago or is there a significant effect on our health from overeating (gluttony) or eating of the wrong things; or even too much of good things? If too much of something is bad and harms you a lot then less of it is not necessarily good - it may just hurt a little bit. You might not even detect the hurt but enough little hurts can add up to big problems and pain that, eventually, you will feel.

Temperance is connected to detoxification in that, if we are temperate and keep the bad out, we won't have to go through the detoxification process or at least the detox process will be easier.

So what are the bad things we should avoid? We do need balance in even the good things but there are some foods and other things we should avoid.

Below is a list of such items. Generally, these are items which will make the body more acid which sets it up for disease. See acid-alkaline balance for more details on this.

Avoid or minimize the following:

  1. Meat - the high-sulphur content amino acids leave an acid residue when metabolized.
  2. Dairy - milk makes your system acid and actually causes osteoporosis.
  3. Processed foods - acidifying and who knows what else you are getting.
  4. Refined grains - "The whiter the bread the sooner you're dead."
  5. Soft drinks - very acidifying due to their phosphoric acid content.
  6. Coffee - acid-forming and diuretic. A habit-forming poison.
  7. Sugar - acid-forming and lowers the effectiveness of the immune system.
  8. Stress - can make even a person with the best of diets acid.
  9. Alcohol - it is not without reason that society regards some things as bad habits.

Overwork, irregular patterns of sleep, lack of sleep, excessive television watching or playing video/computer games are all forms of intemperance.

None of the above is meant to restrict your freedom or enjoyment. Practicing temperance includes learning about the healthier alternatives for which anyone can gain as much of a liking. Your tastes and preferences can adjust and just knowing you are doing what is good for you will bring, along with better health, the satisfaction of knowing you are doing the best thing.

We usually think of intemperance as too much of something but it could also include not getting enough of a good thing. I often talk to people who are not drinking enough water. Of course, in some cases, that is because they are drinking too much of things they shouldn't drink. Dr. Water will tell you of the importance of being well hydrated. Also, Dr. Exercise likes to remind us to get enough regular physical activity. That can be very hard with most people's hectic schedules but it is very important. You can ask a "doctor" free for advice on various lifestyle matters to help with your health concerns. Remember, in the long term, improving your lifestyle brings the best returns for good health.

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