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Natural Body Detoxification Will Happen -

If You Observe the Rules of Health

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Natural body detoxification is the process of your body getting rid of toxins and doing it naturally; you do not need medications to help.

Toxins from our environment and as a result of our diet and lifestyle enter our bodies every day. Many of these toxins are not readily released by the body and are stored, often in fat cells where you may accumulate a really toxic load. Detoxification is something that we would not have to make a special effort to do if we were always following all the other good health principles on a regular basis. Your body will naturally attempt to detoxify on its own if you follow ideal health practices as described on this website. That is the reason I have used the term natural body detoxification ? to emphasize that the body will always attempt to detoxify under ideal conditions.

However, if our health practices are less than ideal as they are for virtually everyone, then the toxins from food, drink air, chemical, drugs, smoke, stress etc. toxins naturally build up in our bodies faster than we can achieve body detoxification.

Many people need to make an extra effort in order to reverse the effects of a previously toxic lifestyle. Especially for someone coming off something like the Standard American Diet (SAD), and other poor lifestyle habits, a body detoxification program may be necessary to help reduce the considerable load of toxins that are damaging health, accelerating ageing etc. There are also special considerations such as mercury-containing amalgam fillings that a person might want to deal with to achieve natural body detoxification and regain good health.

Symptoms of Detoxification

Detoxification symptoms may appear when you do any kind of cleanse or alter your lifestyle by discontinuing a toxic habit, such as eating chocolate, drinking coffee or stopping smoking. The symptoms may be of short duration and slight irritation, or they could last longer and cause considerable discomfort.

Some possible body detoxification symptoms:
  1. Coated tongue
  2. Cold symptoms
  3. Constipation
  4. Coughing
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Fatigue
  7. Fever
  8. Flu symptoms
  9. Gas
  10. Headache
  11. Irritability
  12. Moodiness
  13. Rashes and other skin problems
  14. Sinus problems
  15. Stomach ache

A common problem people have when they improve their lifestyle or start a cleanse is that they misunderstand these symptoms. They think: if this is supposed to be healthy for me, why am I having these symptoms? Why am I feeling worse, not better? It is important to understand this apparent contradiction if you are going to be successful at achieving natural body detoxification.

The same sort of thing happens in other areas of health. If you do not get regular exercise all winter and then suddenly go out in the spring and do a whole day of heavy yard work, the next day you might feel some sore muscles. Your body is just reacting to something that it is not used to doing. The same thing can happen when you stop an activity that you do on a regular basis. If you drink coffee or soft drinks and suddenly stop, you may feel that you have less energy and you may even develop symptoms such as a headache. Whenever you change your diet or lifestyle your body reacts to the change.

Why Does this Happen?

It takes effort for your body to eliminate these toxins and sometimes the job just gets delayed due to other priorities. When you make an improvement to your lifestyle you are giving your body a little boost that may enable it to tackle the problem of the toxic waste build-up. Activities such as fasting especially do this as your body does not even have to deal with the considerable burden of digesting and processing your normal food intake. Natural body detoxification can then happen at a rapid pace.

What Happens During Detoxification?

Your liver, immune system, kidneys, colon lungs and skin are all involved in releasing and excreting toxins. However, any cell in your body could contain toxins and, as these are released from cells, they have to find an exit from the body and during this time they will circulate in the bloodstream.

If toxins are released from your cells into circulation fast enough, you may experience some of the listed symptoms.

General fatigue and lack of energy may be pronounced especially if you are eliminating meats or other stimulating foods from your diet. You may also find that, with a reduction in toxic load, the toxins you are exposed to may absorb more easily. Thus, the sugar or caffeine in a drink may react more obviously that it did previously. I found a very pronounced effect from inadvertently drinking a few sips of black tea after not having had it for several years.

The body always seeks quality building materials, and when the nutrition coming in is of higher quality what has previously been available, the body will renovate the present tissue because it wants to incorporate the higher-quality materials. This is part of the detoxification process.

How Severe are the Symptoms and How Long Do They Last?

The duration and intensity of symptoms depends on your lifestyle before making a change and how quickly you proceed with natural body detoxification. If you have been a heavy meat eater, for example, and become a vegetarian overnight, your symptoms might be quite severe. If your lifestyle changes are gradual, the symptoms could be less severe - but you will endure them longer.

What Can I Do During a Detox?

While your body is detoxing it needs a great deal of energy. Since you may not be feeling well anyway from detox symptoms and at the same time you need extra energy for the cleansing process it s best to rest as much as possible. It can be hard to understand that feeling worse from the natural body detoxification process is a sign that you are getting better. Once you get this understanding and can see the eventual benefits the process becomes easier.

Just remember to rest so that energy is available for the cleanup process. Stay home from work if you can, cut back on social engagements and even cut back on your level of activity. Eat foods that are easy to digest, primarily fruits, vegetables and greens and drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins. Just adopting the lifestyle as advocated on this website will result in natural body detoxification at a slow and steady rate - you might not even notice much in terms of symptoms.

Information of Specific Aspects of Detoxification

Here are links to information about specific toxins and various aspects of natural body detoxification. Anything you can do to reduce your exposure to additional toxins and reduce the toxins already in your body has the potential to help you acheive natural body detoxification and the better health that will result.

Activated Charcoal is extremely valuable for detoxification as it has the ability to take up a great variety of toxins. It is the number one substance to have on hand for emergency poisonings, bites, stings etc.

Bentonite Clay is another substance that can be used to draw toxins from the body.

Body care products can be a significant source of toxins. Here is a tool that lists toxins in body care products (opens in new window). This is useful to help you reduce your exposure to toxins.

Body Detoxification Everyday, different kinds of toxins and wastes accumulate in our body. How can this be possible? A colon cleansing diet consists of lots of raw fruits and vegetables and no dairy, red meat, or sugar. A colon cleansing diet helps rid the body of toxins.

DEET is a commonly used bug spray that is now known to be neurotoxic. Fortunately, there are non-toxic alternatives.

Read information on full body detoxification that will provide you with a variety of options to detoxing your entire body at once and many other tips for various detoxification methods.

Heavy Metal Detoxification can be aided by a new product that has proven to be very effective and has had a long and safe history of use.

Harmful chemicals and how to avoid them.

High Fructose Corn Syrup which is so common in processed foods, it turns out, is, in many cases, a possible source of mercury contamination. You need to be aware of this! Despite labels this sugar replacement is not natural - it does not exist in nature.

Liquid zeolite is a mineral supplement that is very effective at removing mercury, other heavy metals and chemical contaminants from all parts of the body. Lots of good information here and an important product to help you achieve natural body detoxification. Read doctor's testimonials and watch a short movie (3min 22sec; opens in new window) about this amazing product and its many benefits.

Mercury detoxification Many of us have a toxic mouth from amalgam fillings that contain mercury. When I was a boy I had a paper route and every day on my route would stop for a chocolate bar and bottle of pop - and not brush my teeth after. The result was a mouthful of amalgam fillings which I have just completed having replaced. Learn what you can do to minimize your exposure to mercury. One simple thing you can do is to include the green herb cilantro in your diet. It is a good heavy metal detoxifying agent. I have even included some cilantro recipes.

Radiation exposure is something you would want to detoxify yourself from if you were exposed. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do (some just being common foods you can eat) that will make a difference.

Red clover tea is a great herb to take to help detoxify the body. It can even help to protext you against the harmful effects of MSG.

There is some good information from Dr. Detox. While thinking of detoxification it is a good idea to identify other lifestyle areas in which you could lessen the accumulation of new toxins to make the detox more effective. Consult each of the ten "Dr." tabs in the navigation bar where you are free to ask a doctor for some good lifestyle advice to help you prevent pain in your life. Perhaps the most important ones to consult would be Dr. Nutrition to help avoid new toxins and to help flush out the toxins you already have, read the advice of Dr. Exercise and Dr. Water.

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