Suffering from Varicose Veins? Treatments Need to Focus on Removing the Cause
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Varicose Veins Treatments

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The factors listed for varicose veins treatments include several things that would also help to prevent them in the first place. There are some that would also provide symptomatic relief. Again, in this natural pain relief guide, we see the principle of removing the cause to resolve the pain. Varicose veins, unless advanced, are often no more than a cosmetic issue. The best thing is to see them as a signal that you need to get more exercise and take other lifestyle measures to improve circulation.

Here are a number of things you might consider doing to relieve symptoms and solve the problem of varicose veins. Treatments that are natural such as these are preferable to the more invasive medical interventions with their side effects.

  1. Castor oil can be applied over the affected veins and massaged into the legs, massaging from the feet towards the heart.

  2. CoEnzyme Q10 (100 mg/day) improves tissue oxygenation and increases circulation.

  3. Compression stockings may help with symptoms.

  4. Elevating the legs often provides temporary symptomatic relief.

  5. Essential fatty acids reduce pain and help to keep the blood vessels soft and pliable.

  6. rebounder
  7. Exercise is important as it will aid the venous return to the heart and lessen the pressure on the veins which would only make the condition worse. And is largely what caused the problem (in most cases) in the first place.
    Rebounders are extremely good for this and they especially enhance circulatory return to the heart (of the lymphatic fluid as well as of the blood). They could even be helpful to a person who is not able to exercise on their own by having them, for instance while in a wheel chair, put their feet on the rebounder while another person is doing the active rebounding. Just keeping your legs moving if you are having to sit for long periods will help the circulation.

  8. Fiber-rich foods can be a help and would be especially helpful to avoid hemorrhoids, a form of varicose vein.

  9. Flavonoid-rich foods have a strengthening action on the veins and thus help reduce the risk of varicose veins and hemorrhoids. These foods include berries, other fruits and certain vegetables, especially those with rich, dark colors.

  10. Heat as in a hot tub or a Thermotex far infrared heating pad can help circulation and ease pain.

  11. Vitamin C helps to strengthen the collagen structure in the vein walls.

  12. Weight control can help prevent swollen veins.

There are some varicose veins treatments that are natural. Other procedures sometimes used include:

Medical interventions that are less-invasive include ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation and endovenous laser treatment. Still, why not change lifestyle, remove the factors that caused the problem and avoid the pain that way?

Surgical treatment has traditionally meant removing the affected veins. These are usually only superficial veins which return about 10% of the blood from the legs to the heart. However, there can be complications. Avoid this if you can.

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