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Jul. 7, 2013
WklyHealthTip: selenium helps ward off cancer because it works to block chemical reactions that create free radicals which can damage DNA

Jun. 30, 2013
WklyHealthTip: People who consume the most processed meats (hot dogs and sausage etc) have a 67% increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

Jun. 23, 2013
WklyHealthTip:Get a 2-CD audio program ($79 value) about back, neck, sciatic pain solutions for free Get your life back

Jun. 16, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Your weight(in lbs)/2=oz of water you should drink/day. Add 8oz /hr of vigorous exercise or speaking More info:

Jun. 9, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Your body thrives on regularity-Try a tighter schedule for meals, sleep, exercise and feel the benefits.

Jun. 2, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Check posture, amount of sitting etc to avoid muscle imbalances that lead to joint pain/sciatica. Info:

May 26, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Research found those with highest Vit. D levels 72% less likely to get diabetes than those with lowest

May 22, 2013
WklyHealthTip: High blood pressure: not a disease but a side effect of constricted arteries or blood is too thick. More tips:

May 19, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Don't sleep with your hands on your stomach as it will decrease deep breathing; you won't sleep as well.

May 12, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Distilled water only leaches out minerals that should not be there in the first place. Other water tips:

May 5, 2013
WklyHealthTip: A safety tip. Wear faller's pants if using a chain saw. I found out why today-the hard way. Health info:

Apr. 28, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Prepare for summer sun. Start soon with short sunning sessions to build up protective pigment. Sun tips:

Apr. 21, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Cilantro leaves can help detoxify Mercury and other heavy metals from your body. Plant some this spring.

Apr. 14, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Long hours sitting makes for stagnant blood, higher clot risk. Stretch and exercise regularly. Info at

Apr, 7, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Far infrared sauna can be very effective to stimulate circulation and help with localized pain relief

Mar. 31, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Use a bluetooth or other earphone/microphone with your cell phone to reduce the real brain cancer risk.

Mar. 17, 2013 WklyHealthTip: Use more greens and less unsprouted grains. Their phytates (enzyme inhibitors) inhibit mineral uptake

Mar. 10, 2013 WklyHealthTip: Drinking warm water upon arising helps to produce motilin, induce bowel peristalsis, maintain regularity

Mar. 3, 2013 WklyHealthTip: Coffee, tea interfere with ability to absorb nutrients. Avoid for 15min before/after taking supplements

Feb. 24, 2013 WklyHealthTip: Ease eyestrain when computing. Focus at a distant point for 10 sec. every 10 min. For best eye exercise:

Feb. 17, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Vit D = nature's antibiotic. It activates immune system; works to protect from invading microorganisms

Feb. 10, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Did you know-you can pop popcorn with cell phones? Watch this video. What does it do to your brain?

Feb. 3, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Your body secretes melatonin to help you sleep but does it best in complete darkness. Sleep in the dark.

Jan. 27, 2013
WeeklyhealthTip:Baby carrots-shaped from culls, chemical-soaked-reason no skin, no mold, same shape. More toxicity info

Jan. 20, 2013
WeeklyhealthTip: Cancer grows more in winter from Vit. D lack. 70-90% N.Americans are low. Prevents many other problems

Jan. 13, 2013
WklyHealthTip: While watching TV, Bounce on a mini trampoline to circulate lymph, strengthen bones & muscle mass, FUN

Jan. 6, 2013
WklyHealthTip: Drink 8-10 cups water/day. Dehydration may be interpreted as hunger. Coffee, tea, pop dehydrate. Info:

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