A Healthy Lifestyle Helps You to Avoid Pain
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A Healthy Lifestyle Now

Can Help You Avoid Future Pain

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A healthy lifestyle - what you do from day to day - is important for a good, pain-free life. It is said that 95% of the things people do are to either avoid pain or gain pleasure. In the hopes that you might be planning ahead to avoid pain (even better than dealing with it when it arrives), I am presenting some basic healthy lifestyle information and tips to help you. Simply by having good basic lifestyle now you can avoid a lot of pain in the future. It may also help for short-term pain relief. It is popularly said that we are living longer than a generation or two ago. However, that is largely due to decreased infant and maternal childbirth mortality rates.
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People used to be healthy most of their lives until the last few months. Now, while people may live to a somewhat older age, they often spend the last 10 years in a miserable existence in a nursing home. You can shorten that painful period of decline later by living a healthy lifestyle now.

Several healthy lifestyle areas are mentioned briefly below. Follow the links for valuable tips you can use in each area to improve your quality of life and reduce pain now and in the future.


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The Standard American Diet is often referred to by the appropriate acronym SAD. And it is sad and - often - painful. Your body needs live nutrition to keep you alive. It is useful to recognize that you are feeding all 75 trillion or so cells in your body.

The acid-alkaline balance, which is very diet dependent, is a very important topic to understand as an acid system provides the ideal breeding ground for illness and the pain that comes with it.

Meat is especially bad because it has a higher proportion of the sulphur-containing amino acids which produce more acid when metabolized. Read more about nutrition to help you towards a more healthy lifestyle.


A stagnant pool never looks healthy. Your body will not be healthy either if it doesn't move. Discover the best exercises and their benefits.

Rebounding is the best exercise because it greatly increases the rate of flow of the lymphatic fluid. I can supply information on the best rebounders available designed by the person who first brought rebounding to popular attention. Walking also is very good. However, weight bearing exercise is also important. Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced by the body in reaction to exercise that makes the muscles work a little harder than they are used to. HGH is important for cell repair and function and does have an effect on the immune system. (No, it won't make you grow taller.) Read more about the benefits of exercise.


Drinking enough water is incredibly important. Most people are chronically dehydrated. You should be drinking enough water so that (except for first thing in the morning) the urine is colourless.

Also, there are many external uses of water that will be mentioned later. You may find suddenly increasing the amount you drink to be difficult to adjust to but the body does take time to adjust so give it time or start increasing water intake gradually. Read more about the many benefits and pain-relieving properties of water.


Part of the reason exposure to sunlight is important is because of the resulting production of Vitamin D. It is very important to be aware of this in northern latitudes in the winter where your body cannot produce enough Vitamin D from sun exposure. It turns out that skin cancer isn't just from sun exposure, a poor diet can also be a contributing factor. Sunshine is definitely not something to be totally avoided. Just be careful to avoid the pain of a Sunburn.


Temperance or moderation is the avoidance of things harmful and the appropriate use of good items in our diets. We normally associate temperance with smoking and drinking and drug use. But these days there is such a prevalence of prepared and junk foods that we need to be aware of what might be in our foods and be careful of our consumption of items that can put considerable stress on our immune systems that have to deal with the "junk" that comes in so many foods. Anything, even good, used to excess can become a source of harm and pain.


Air, lots of fresh air is very important. Bacteria and viruses are killed by fresh air and sunlight. No wonder there are so many outbreaks of these bugs in hospital settings where they never have an open window. Just your respiration in a closed room will, over time, make the air more toxic to your immune system. Read more about the many benefits of deep breathing to get the benefits of fresh air.


Your body repairs while resting. To get the right balance of production of hormones which are produced according to a circadian rhythm it is important to get significant sleep before midnight. Try to be in bed by ten. In our too-busy world quality rest is needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Trust in God

"It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man." (Psa 118:8) This is the middle verse of the whole Bible. There is much health information in the Bible including lists of foods that are harmful etc. Here is where you can learn from the Great Physician of spiritual/mental factors that affect health.


Even if you are following all the good lifestyle principles and leading a healthy lifestyle now, your previous habits may give you problems for a long time unless you take action. If you have been putting garbage in, you need to know how to get the garbage out. Almost everyone has a congested liver which is one of the main organs in the immune system.


There is nothing to be gained by hiding your head in the sand in matters of health. Every health principle we decide to ignore is going to affect our health negatively. And for anything you might have to give, up you'll find something as good or better to take its place. Remember, "If you don't feel well, nothing else matters." Learn how important it is to take more responsibility for your health. You will feel empowered and more in control if you do.

So If You Want Pain Relief ...

look at your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle, in the long term, is always the best way to achieve pain relief. Not only will you relieve pain but you will correct the underlying problems that lead to it and achieve better health too.

Visit with each of the ten "lifestyle doctors" listed on the navigation bar. They each give free advice on one of the lifestyle areas mentioned above.

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