A Sizzling Sunburn? - Not the Best Start to Your Summer. Here's Help
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Got a Sizzling Sunburn?

What You Need to Know about Sun Exposure

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A sunburn is a reaction of living tissue to overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, commonly from the sun's rays but also from tanning booths, sunlamps and welding arcs. A lower level (dose) of sun exposure will cause a suntan a reaction of the body and will help to protect against further UV damage.


Burns are not caused simply by UV exposure but UV exposure combined with an insufficient supply of antioxidants in the system. An interesting thing to know is that plants can be sunburned as well. Actually, plants produce their own sunscreen in the form of various antioxidants. We can use these natural sunblockers to our advantage in preventing those painful burns. Here is more about plants that provide good antioxidants.


Skin is pink or red, feels warm and sensitive to touch. A combination of various symptoms such as fatigue, mild dizziness, chills, fever or headache. Some symptoms may not appear until up to two hours after sun damage has occurred. Thirst can occur because of the dehydration and it is important to stay well-hydrated.


Severe burns can cause blisters which, if broken, can become infected. Excessive exposure to UV-radiation over the long-term can be life-threatening as it is the leading cause of skin cancer. It should therefore not be taken lightly.


The best way to avoid that painful burn is to prevent it in the first place. A knowledge of the various ways to protect yourself is a good start. For some ideas on what you can do see sunburn prevention.


So even though you know burning is not good you've been out too long and gotten burned to a crisp. To see what you can do go to the page on treatment options.

Other Information

While you want to avoid burning, don't avoid the sun (unless you have a burn). Rather, take the precautions and get outside where you can enjoy the sunshine and health benefits that come from it.

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