Among Green Drinks, the Best Available is AIM BarleyLife - See Why Here
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Among Green Drinks, BarleyLifeTM is Greenest
Here's Why - It's in the Growing and Production

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AIM BarleyLifeTM, from a company that pioneered green drinks, was born out of a vision for even better health for millions of people around the world. AIM discovered, through its 27 plus years of experience and ambitious research and development in the area of green drinks, that barley juice could be even more powerful. AIM BarleyLifeTM, compared to the earlier product, Barley Green captures consistently higher levels of the nutrition found in barley grass. And its rich nutrients are more fresh, active, and alive.

AIM BarleyLifeTM is bursting with nutrition. It contains 2½ times the beta carotene found in an equivalent weight of raw carrots and about 25 times that found in an equivalent weight of raw broccoli. Beta carotene is an important antioxidant known to protect cells. It is implicated in cardiovascular health and is believed to have anti-cancer benefits.

AIM BarleyLifeTM also contains more than 7 times the calcium found in an equivalent weight of raw spinach and 15 times the calcium found in an equivalent weight of raw broccoli. Calcium is essential for bone development. In addition, AIM BarleyLife contains more of other essential vitamins and minerals, more amino acids, more enzymes - including peroxidase, a marker of freshness, and superoxide dismutase, a marker of antioxidant activity and a free-radical fighter - more antioxidants - including at least two powerful ones, lutonarin and saponarin - and more chlorophyll.

Benefits of AIM BarleyLifeTM

Research has found that green barley extract has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, immune system support, and cholesterol-lowering effects. Anecdotal evidence indicates that AIM BarleyLifeTM helps maintain whole body health and provides increased energy and stamina.

Why is AIM BarleyLifeTM the best of the green drinks?

  1. AIM's barley seed varieties provide the widest window of harvest.
  2. AIM's barley crops thrive in the clean, green, pristine lands of northern Alberta, Canada in which the nutrients in the soil contribute to the nutrients in the plants and the juice.
  3. AIM's barley crops are staggered for a consistent processing campaign in which each field is harvested when the plants are bursting with nutrition.
  4. AIM's barley crops are harvested when they are at their nutritional peak, before they enter the reproductive cycle and use their nutrients to produce grain.
  5. AIM's barley crops are cut only once, allowing for optimum nutrient density.
  6. AIM's harvested barley leaves are juiced and chilled immediately, rendering the enzymes dormant and preserving their precious nutrients.
  7. AIM's barley juice is powdered using the most advanced and efficient methods for ensuring maximum freshness and nutrition.

All of this care in growing and processing makes BarleyLife the most nutritious of the green drinks money can buy.

For Prices and How to Buy AIM BarleyLife - Please read this paragraph first then click the link at the end of it. The link will take you to the AIM store where you may click on the top "Products" link to shop for BarleyLife and other quality health products. If you purchase two BarleyLife or any other combination of products with a point value of at least 50 you will receive a free wholesale membership which gives you wholesale prices. There is no requirement to buy again. Here is the link: How to buy AIM BarleyLife (Link opens in a new window.)

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To listen to an excellent audio recording (54 minutes) about the beginnings of the AIM company click on the play button below:

Jim Kling interview     

This recording was made on the Healthy Rewards radio program hosted by Gene and Pat Blasingame. Please note that since this interview, AIM has changed the name of their product from Barleygreen to BarleyLife - and has made a number of significant improvements.

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