Nuclear and Radiation Accidents Here's How to Protect Yourself
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Nuclear and Radiation Accidents
- How to Protect Yourself

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Nuclear and radiation accidents are not something you look forward to. We are all concerned for the sake of the people in Japan because of the catastrophic events of March 11, 2011 - an earthquake of 9.0 magnitude, a tsunami that wiped away whole towns and then damaged nuclear reactors threatening the population with toxic radiation. Some radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi power plant has already reached the west coast of North America and it is unknown how much more might arrive. Since we don't know for sure at this point the extent of radiation that has been or might yet be released it wouldn't hurt to know what we can do to protect ourselves.

Such nuclear and radiation accidents are very uncommon but the consequences are rather serious. Just knowing ahead of time what you can do will make a big difference if you are ever in such a situation. As happened in this case, the early talk was of the danger radioactive iodine. There was a big rush on iodine supplies and many people end up with none.

While supplemental iodine may help protect against radiation, it can have its own negative effects. And there are much worse radioactive materials than the iodine 131 isotope that could be released in such a disaster. So what else can a person do? Are there other protective measures one can take. Thankfully, yes and there are even common substances and foods that can offer some protection from radiation.

Following, are some useful items that have been suggested to combat the dangers that come with nuclear and radiation accidents. Do some further research on your own to determine what bests suits you, your situation and what products are available in your area.

  1. Antioxidants help to combat the effects of radiation because it floods the body with free radicals. If exposed, up your intake of antioxidants to scavenge the resulting free radicals. It's best to get a variety of antioxidants, and there are plenty of sources to choose from: vitamins C, D and E, the carotenes, coenzyme Q10, curcumin. N-acetyl-cysteine, quercetin, selenium, silymarin and zinc,

  2. Apple pectin was used after Chernobyl to reduce radioactive cesium in children.

  3. Buckwheat is high in rutin, which helps protect against radiation.

  4. Charcoal (activated) is commonly used in amounts of up to 10 tons as part of the air-cleaning systems in nuclear power plants. We can use it too.

  5. Chaparral extract contains NDGA (nordihydroguaiaretic acid), which has been shown to protect the body against genetic damage caused by exposure to radioactivity.

  6. Chlorella (a single-celled green algae) available in supplements is one of the best known methods of removing radiation for the body. It has the ability to remove or neutralize such toxins as cadmium, dioxins, uranium and lead.

  7. Cilantro which many people can grow in their gardens is also helpful to remove radioactivity.

  8. Clay, taken internally, also has a strong affinity for radioactive matter and can help to remove it from the body.

  9. Cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts increase antioxidant activity, encourage detoxification and specifically help to prevent cancer.

  10. Fulvic acid is a water-soluble organic substance with some amazing benefits including the ability to help to remove toxins including heavy metals from the body. When it comes to getting rid of radiation from your body, fulvic acid is right on top of the list, as it can break down heavy metals and toxins in the body and even throw it out of the system. It also doesn't have any side effects.

  11. Gamma tocotrienol has been shown in recent US Armed Forces studies to protect against whole body radiation exposure in the event of nuclear and radiation accidents.

  12. Garlic (best raw), as a food or supplement, is also helpful.

  13. Green foods in general have a protective effect. Green leafy vegetables were shown back in the early 1950s to have a protective effect against the damage from radiation.

  14. Iodine supplements. Potassium iodide, the most common form (mentioned above) is the thyroid mineral. It helps to maintain the optimal amount iodine in the thyroid. This prevents the thyroid from so readily taking up radioactive isotopes of iodine, reducing the risk of thyroid cancer. It also aids thyroid function and protects from both hyper- and hypothyroidism. Other iodine supplements include SSKI, Iodoral, Iosol, and Lugols. Similar strategies can be used to protect against other radioactive materials.

  15. Magnesium is an important mineral in our bodies and provides the benefit of being able to remove heavy metals associated with radiation. Magnesium "oil" is one of the best possible ways in which it can be incorporated into your body.

  16. Reishi mushrooms are known to offer protection against ionizing radiation. They can also strengthen the immune system and improve blood circulation.

  17. Sea Buckthorn berry oil has been used by Russian Cosmonauts to protect against radiation burns in space. I have been eating a serving of the berries in a smoothie almost daily for months. The bushes will grow in quite cold areas.

  18. Seaweed is a source of safe iodine but you would need to eat massive amounts of it to get real protection.

  19. Spirulina, another alga, has been shown to be helpful in anti-radiation therapy and, according to research that has been conducted with children in Chernobyl, can also help deal with the effects of radiation poisoning. It helps the body fight bacterial and viral infections and may prevent such diseases as leukemia It can help remove barium from the body.

  20. Vegetarian food in general is better to consume because radiation, like most toxins, is concentrated up the food chain so that levels tend to be higher in meat, fish, and dairy, and lower in grains, fruits, and vegetables. Also, the fiber, (fruit pectin is especially good), in unrefined grains, fruits, and vegetables tends to carry radioactivity out of the body.

  21. Vitamin B12 is a critical nutrient for DNA repair. Your DNA can be damaged by nuclear radiation.

  22. Vitamin D deficiency is very common. This important substance offers protection from DNA damage caused by radiation and has so many other health benefits that almost everyone should be taking it regularly.

  23. Zeolites are minerals with a complex molecular structure that can expel heavy metals and other toxins from the body.

And there are things that are good to avoid in the event of nuclear and radiation accidents to help your body deal with the challenge:

Sugar robs calcium from your body. Strontium-90 has a similar atomic structure to calcium, which means your body will pull it into your bones in place of calcium if there is any calcium shortage - thus dramatically increasing your chances of developing bone cancer. In that regard, cola drinks, which are high in both sugar and phosphoric acid, would be about the worst thing you could consume. Make sure you have enough calcium stores but don't depend on milk as a source. Leafy greens are a much better source of usable calcium.

If you chose a few of the protective measures listed and maintain general good health you will be giving your body an advantage if it should have to fight the effects of nuclear and radiation accidents. Hopefully, that will never happen.

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