Rebounding is a Full-Body Exercise that Exercise Every Cell in Your Body
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Rebounding Exercises Every Cell in Your Body

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Rebounding has been described as the best form of exercise yet invented by man. As the following article describes, it exercises every cell in your body. Your lymphatic system is very important for health and lymphatic circulation depends upon movement since there is no pump like the heart in our circulatory system. For a regular lymphatic cleanse and to help ward off lymphatic cancer, simply bouncing on a rebounder (or mini-trampoline)is ideal. The following article by Al Carter, a pioneer in the area of reboundology, will inspire you.

Rebounding is a Full Body Exercise

By Al Carter

Recently I was trying to explain to one of the managers of Gold's Gym why some of their fitness gyms should be using rebounders. The manager responded with the following question:

"If rebound exercise is as good as you say it is, why would anybody want to buy a membership in our gym if they could economically get all the exercise they need at home in front of the television?"

"You've got a good point." I blurted out. "Why would they?"

When you participate at a fitness gym under the leadership of a fitness director, you will be told that they have exercise equipment specifically designed to stimulate, challenge or exercise each particular muscle group of the body. And that if you are going to exercise the entire body properly, you will have to stop at a dozen different exercise stations.

Why, there are machines designed to challenge the biceps, others to exercise the triceps, some of the muscles of the arms. You will be told how to use a machine for the abdominal muscles. Do not forget the quadriceps cruncher or the calf extender. And, of course, you need to spend a good amount of time on the treadmill, the stair stepper or the elliptical orbiter for your aerobic needs.

Basically, the exercise industry has successfully, right in front of our eyes, dissected the human body and designed a piece of equipment to exercise each group of muscles found in each part of the body. But know this, although there are a lot of very impressive chrome tubing, cables, pulleys, levers, knobs, dials, hand grips, foot pedals and weights, even the best fitness center is equipped to exercise less than half of the human body. You see, they simply do not have the necessary equipment to challenge the bones of the skeleton, the involuntary muscles of the digestive system, the muscles of the eyes, the various vital organs, the skin, or the vestibular system. For example, you cannot go to a fitness director and ask, "Will you show me the equipment designed to strengthen my bones?" or, "I need the machine designed to exercise my skin." I know, I've tried.

Your body is the home of one hundred trillion cells. Not all of which are part of the musculature. But each cell is a living structure that can survive indefinitely and, in most instances, can reproduce itself, provided its surrounding fluids contain the appropriate nutrients; each cell sharing the same DNA or blueprint of your entire body. Almost everyone knows that the genes (the DNA) control heredity from parents to children, but most persons do not realize that the same genes control the reproduction and day-by-day functions of all cells.

Another thing that all of your cells have in common with each other is that they all live in the very same environment. This is a watery environment known as the extra cellular fluid.

Still another thing that all cells share is their ability to automatically adjust to their environment. This is important to know because a very big part of that environment is the force of gravity. From the time we are born to the time we die we are subject to the ever downward pull of the Earth's gravity. That is why, the common denominator of all physical exercises is opposing gravity.

When a person makes any vertical movement on a ReboundAIR, he/she opposes gravity. And each cell shares with the effects of that opposition and adjusts accordingly by becoming stronger. But what is even more exciting, any movement on a rebounder subjects the participant to the two other very natural and available forces of acceleration and deceleration. Albert Einstein tells us that the cells of the human body cannot tell the difference between the three forces of gravity, acceleration and deceleration, so all the cells simply adjust as if they were subjected to an increase in the gravitational pull of the earth.

Now, we know that it is impossible to increase gravity, but our cells do not, so they simply adjust by becoming stronger or more efficient in their assigned body functions. What this means is that we now have the ability of exercising all of the cells of the body all at once!

Cellular exercise is a revolutionary new concept, and, although, in reality, it has been around forever, it has just been discovered. When fully understood by the fitness experts, it will quite naturally take the place of the old fashioned and obsolete muscular exercises.

It is hard for professional fitness coaches to comprehend that such a simple exercise can be so good for the entire body. That is because they have been taught by their professors and coaches that you have to "be in pain and strain in order to train." Now, although weight lifting does work and it has proven itself over the years, it is still old fashioned, clumsy and inefficient. However, if a person enjoys the chrome and pulleys of a gym for exercise, it would be best if he/she would rebound both before and after their old fashioned workout because rebound exercise will increase a person's tolerance for exercise - any exercise. And using your rebounder after a hard work out will eliminate the lactic acid build up in the muscles so that one is not sore the next day.

If the reason you are going to a gymnasium to work out is to impress somebody there, be sure to rebound every day at home in front of your television. You will be surprised that you will advance faster in anything you want to achieve at the gym.

Now, while you are jumping on your rebounder to strengthen and tone your striated muscles, also called skeletal or voluntary muscles, realize that you are also toning the involuntary muscles of your digestive system. The connective tissue that keeps all of the vital organs in place is getting stronger. Your bones are becoming mineralized, dense and strong. The cells in and around your eyes are becoming stronger and even the brain is getting a tune up.

How much rebound exercise is enough? I do not have an answer to that question because it has not been seriously researched. Some people exercise several times a day for short periods of time, like ten minutes. Others do it for an hour each session. Personally, I make sure I get in at least half an hour every day - just for the health of it.

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