Natural Vision Correction - Improve Your Eyesight Using These Eye Exercises
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Natural Vision Correction: How To Do It and Benefit the Rest Of Your Body Too

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Natural vision correction (without glasses) can be achieved to a great degree using the system described below. You need to recognize that changes in the body take time. Stick with the exercises long enough and you will get results. Again, the basic philosophy of this site is: get toxins out, good nutrition in, keep moving, and your intricately-designed, self-healing body can get things working right again and give you natural pain relief. It takes time for the body to use the materials you give it to improve the body's function.

Here is how to exercise your eyes to achieve natural vision correction.

Vision is decreased by a variety of factors including lack of exercise. The lens of your eyes can get out of shape just like the rest of you. They can lose their ability to adapt to varying visual needs. When glasses are used to artificially correct the vision there is no stimulus for the vision to correct itself. With continued lack of exercise to the cells of the lens, (and perhaps with poor nutrition and other bad health habits) you may be destined for stronger and stronger prescriptions.

The good news is that using these eye exercises to improve eyesight can produce results relatively quickly when they are done in conjunction with rebounding. Remember that rebounding stimulates your eyes along with every other cell in your body (because, with rebounding, every cell in your body is subject to the increased effect of gravity and resistance to gravity is the basis of all exercise) to get stronger. By doing eye exercises while rebounding, you help to stimulate the cells of the lenses to return to their proper shape and increase their ability to adapt their shape to meet varying visual needs.

Place your rebounder near a window so that you can see and focus on an object as far away as your surroundings allow. Then find something close to you on the wall or in your hand that you can focus on. As you bounce (without corrective lenses) change your focus back and forth between the near and the far objects. This is what your lenses are supposed to be able to do and as your repeat this as much as you can you will stimulate your vision to improve.

If you do it regularly, you can expect significant natural vision correction within a few weeks. In many cases, it is possible by doing this consistently for several months to correct the vision. There may also be a degree of protection from cataracts and other eye problems.

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Site Philosophy: Get toxins out, good nutrition in, keep moving, and your intricately-designed, self- healing body can get things working right and give you natural pain relief
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