Why do Dogs Eat Grass? Do Dogs Eating Grass Indicate a Nutritional Need?
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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

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Why do dogs eat grass? One of the reasons is that, in the process of domesticating animals, we have eliminated fresh food from their diet. Today, most cats and dogs eat highly-processed canned or dried foods that are devoid of vital enzymes necessary for healthy coats and teeth. According to Dr. Neil Weiner, a small animal veterinarian since 1975, few dogs or cats today have outstanding health. He states, "teeth should be clean and white, hair coat should be shiny and not oily or scaly." He has noticed in dogs over two years old that 85% need to have their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. He claims that: "in the wild, where cats and dogs eat flesh and plants that are alive with enzymes, teeth and breath stay clean.

Since discovering BarleyLife six months ago, Dr. Weiner has incorporated it into his life and the lives of his patients. "I believe that by giving cats and dogs BarleyLife, you can balance the deficiencies caused by the elimination of fresh foods from their diet." He states that dogs and cats have always eaten grass and instinctively need green foods, rich in chlorophyll and enzymes. Animals, in his estimation, have the same nutritional needs for enzymes as humans.

BarleyLife is made from young barley grass, it contains a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, as well as chlorophyll. It can be a year-round source of the greens that cats and dogs need for optimal health. It is a general tonic and vitamin/mineral supplement - a wonderful "live health food" for your pet. It can also be a great "internal" deodorizer - the chlorophyll it contains helps reduce bad breath and other odor problems.

It is recommended by many veterinarians in cases of arthritis, fever, peritonitis, lack of appetite or hard-to-diagnose conditions. Good for all breeds of cats and dogs. Completely safe for all ages. Dogs immediately love it. With gradual introduction, cats love it too. Add to food or water.

Dogs and cats will often eat grass as they instinctively know they need green foods, rich in chlorophyll and enzymes. In this, they have nutritional needs similar to humans and this "human" product is perfectly usable for them.

A number of happy pet owners have found that arthritis, fatigue and bad breath is being eliminated by feeding their pets BarleyLife. Read their dogs-eating-grass stories here.

So now you know the answer to the question why do dogs eat grass and you know a solution that will keep your pet safe and contribute to good health.

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