Dogs Eating Grass - Does This Indicate a Problem? Examples of What Greens Can Do
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Dogs Eating Grass?
Perhaps you Should Give Them Greens

Green Tea

Are your dogs eating grass? Have you ever thought that it might indication a nutritional need? Why dogs eat grass is explained on the page why do dogs eat grass. This page gives testimonials showing that there is a benefit to dogs (and cats) to consuming greens. Several of these testimonies were taken from the book "Green Leaves of Barley, Inspiring Secrets of Nature's Miracle Rejuvenator" by Dr. Mary-Ruth Swope.

A number of happy pet owners have found that arthritis, fatigue and bad breath is being eliminated by feeding their pets BarleyLife. Here are a number of testimonials of incidents where greens have helped with health conditions (and with animals there is no placebo effect.) So if you see dogs eating grass, think nutritional deficiency. And consider BarleyLife as a safe and convenient source. Because we don't want dogs eating grass or vegetation that is contaminated with various sprays.

Dog testimony on BarleyLife. and Herbal FiberBlend I have an 8-pound shih tzu dog, Bailey. She is 13 years old, and still very lively. She got into some 78% dark chocolate about one week ago. She ate about 6 little squares. It is deadly for dogs. She started shaking, and her back end would start to fall over, and she would walk side-ways. We have a new vet in town, but not in the evenings. So, we were on our own. She had been taking the BarleyLife and Herbal FiberBlend regularly, so I fixed her some on her wet food. She ate a little, then rested. Came back and finished it a few minutes later. She slept, then started going to the bathroom. Then 24 hours later, bouncing around the house like nothing ever happened. I believe in the Power of Prayer, but I also believe in this product. It has saved her life. I told my Vet; she said to e-mail the company, because she should be dead. Thank you AIM for supplying us with a product that truly can save a life. - Ty Robinson - USA - 02-02-2009

BarleyLife is Good for Life Every morning, especially in the winter, when animals don't have access to grass under our huge amount of snow on the ground, I give our cat and dog BarleyLife. Our cat got used to me calling it Barley Green (former name of the product marketed by AIM, now called BarleyLife), though, so I still call it that and when he hears that word, he knows to jump up on the bathroom counter! The dog gets it added to his food like a gravy; my husband and I take an extra dose when we feel like we're coming down with a cold, just before bedtime, and the next day we feel great. BarleyLife is our lifesaver! - Wanda Iverson - Washington State USA - 01-17-2008

BarleyLife and A Dog's Tail In December, our Golden Retriever dog Remington shook during a bath and hair from his tail flew everywhere. I thought that was strange but shrugged it off to shedding. By the first week in February we knew something was wrong as his energy was down and his tail stopped wagging. We took him to the vet and were told that he had experienced trauma to his tail that was literally causing the tail to die. She said that if it didn't get better in one week it would have to be removed. We immediately prayed and believed God for restoration and began giving him 4 capsules of BarleyLife twice a day and a tablespoon of powder sprinkled over his food. We would either put the capsules in his mouth at the back of his tongue or give them to him in a little peanut butter. He perked up within one day. The vet gave him some antibiotics and something for inflammation which we only used for a week as we could tell he wasn't as perky when taking it. Today his tail is fully wagging. God is faithful and BarleyLife is a blessing! - Loren Schiele - Texas - 02-27-2007

BarleyLife for Puppies!! We have had several incidents concerning puppy parvo...., which were supposed to be terminal situations. Our Chihuahua got parvo...we were told she would die....We set our alarm for every 2 hours for two days and nights. We dissolved the barley powder in water and used a syringe to put it in our Chihuahua puppies' mouth. The Vet said it was no use, the puppy would die as it was too far gone. She lived to be over 12 years old! ...Now our vet recommends BarleyLife to all that come in with puppies to prevent parvo.

My neighbor also had an incident with her puppy...and two vets told her it was going to die. There was nothing she could do. I told her to start the BarleyLife right away and give it every two hours with a syringe if necessary...and the dog is 2 years old vet again recommends when you have pups...put them on Barley life in their food from the first feeding...until they are a year old. (Of course there are great benefits regardless of the dog's age.) - Patricia Thurber - Texas - 06-23-2004

Interstitial Cystitis gone and Dog's epilepsy stopped BarleyLife is as beneficial to humans as it is to animals. There are many testimonies in the files about the benefits of green barley powder to animals of all kinds and there can be no placebo effect with animals. This case is unusual and shows the broad range of ailments that BarleyLife can benefit.

Jayjay was a very small Yorkshire puppy. She was full blood, but she was the runt of the litter. By the time she was big enough to sell, her brothers and sisters were long gone. She had finally reached a satisfactory size and arrangements were being made with a prospective buyer when suddenly she started having seizures, which meant she couldn?t be sold.

The local vet diagnosed epilepsy, but offered no help, so Jayjay became a part of Earl and Gloria?s family. Some time later, Earl and Gloria came by to see us. One day while Earl and I were alone with Jayjay, she had a seizure. It was a scary thing as she lay there shaking and convulsing. We took her to our vet and he also diagnosed epilepsy. He also offered no help. Jayjay got over the seizure and we took her home.

I had worked with a young lady with epilepsy and she had seen some improvement with green juice powder. We started sprinkling barley juice powder on Jayfay?s food. She ate it with relish and from that time forward never had another seizure.

In a short time (3 ? 6 months) Jayjay became so enamored with barley juice powder that she refused to eat her food without it. She would smell her dish and turn away until someone added the powder.

If you have a friend or relative with an unusual health problem, get them to try BarleyLife. We can't guarantee recovery but we can expect improvement in health and often we do see amazing results. Tell them it may help and it certainly can't hurt. That's what I told my sister who had suffered for eight years with Interstitial Cystitis (a medically-incurable bladder disease) and today she is free of the disease. There are many such testimonies. It can't hurt to try! - Gene Dale - Ontario, Oregon - 06-18-2004

Mac, The Dog Our six year old lab-mix dog, Mac, had developed a tumor on his right elbow. The veterinarian wanted to do surgery to remove it as soon as possible. She was concerned that because of its size, she would have to remove too much skin which would make the healing very difficult. We were leaving for a week long vacation, so I asked her if we could wait until I got back. As soon as I returned, I made sure that Mac, 75 pounds, got ½ tsp. of BarleyLife a day. He preferred to take it with some food. In less than 3 weeks, the tumor, which prior to the BarleyLife had split open and looked horrible, had shrunk down to nothing. Mac is getting his BarleyLife everyday. He's is a happy dog. We are happy dog owners and have more money in our checking account by avoiding a large surgery bill. September 2002

December 2002: Mac, our dog is doing great. My husband's shoulder is still pain-free and mobile. He struggled with that for 2 years before BarleyLife---taking 2-4 Tbs. of Barleygreen and not getting any relief. His shoulder was pain-free in just 4 days on only 1 tsp. of BarleyLife a day.

I did learn that it is important to not stop using the BarleyLife just because a tumor appears to shrink away. When people started doubting that the BarleyLife had anything to do with the tumor shrinking on Mac's elbow, I stopped giving it to him to see what would happen. Within a few days, the tumor was back---as large as ever (size of an egg). It has taken twice as much BarleyLife -1 tsp. twice a day - to get the tumor to shrink back down. There is still a tiny bump the size of a pea. I am convinced that it will finally go away. I do feel now that if a person quits using the BarleyLife before his body has really had a chance to totally clear the cause of the tumor, it will come back stronger than ever. Mac, at 75 lbs, is now taking as much BarleyLife as my husband who weighs 200 lbs. - Sandy Combs - Florida - 12-15-2002

Rufus A thirteen-year-old dog named Rufus was having arthritis that caused him to cry as he got up and stretched himself in the morning. His eyesight was poor and his kidneys were unable to function properly. The vet said if Rufus did not respond to more antibiotics, he should be put to sleep.

Two weeks after we started adding one teaspoon of green barley powder to Rufus' water, he seemed greatly improved in every way. I saw him for the first time after four weeks and he was jumping outdoors in play with a two-year-old German Shepherd his own weight and size. Rufus was holding his own with the much younger animal. - Trenton, New Jersey

Duke Duke, our 170-pound Great Dane, had fallen upon hard times. He loved all of us but we could not tolerate him coming close because of his bad breath. His teeth and diet were checked, yet daily the poor dog became more unbearable. It took a lot of green tablets to do the job, but after a few days of chewing 6 tablets of green barley that he loved better than any other treat, his bad breath cleared completely. - Larchmont, New York

Poppet Poppet was getting old, but she was still the frolicsome friendly puss that everyone loved. Her sweet nature didn't even change when something began to go terribly wrong with her hip joints. The diagnosis was elusive, and before long she was dragging her useless hindquarters along the floor behind her. Naturally, her family was at its wits' end, not wanting to put her to sleep, especially since she was perfectly healthy in every other way. Just as the unthinkable began to look inescapable, someone suggested to try green barley. They started her on ¼ teaspoon a day, and results were spectacular. The day I met Poppet she had been taking green barley for onw week, and it was hard to imagine she had been sick at all. As for her family, they were very relieved, and couldn't praise green barley enough. - Bethany, Oklahoma

Streaker Streaker, the family cat was dying. He had contracted peritonitis, and at the rather advanced age (for a cat) of 12 years, it just didn?t look like he was going to pull through. There he lay, looking miserable, with his hair coming out in handfuls. He couldn't keep anything down, so he was literally wasting away. At this critical point, someone at work gave us some green barley powder for him. I didn't know if he could even keep it down, but at this stage I was willing to try anything. It was obvious that we would have to have him put to sleep soon otherwise, as there was nothing else the doctor could do. When I got home, I mixed up a small dose in his water. After a while, he dragged himself over to his water dish and drank it. We all held our breaths, since so much of what had gone down had come right back up recently, but he held it down.

I mixed him up some more in the morning. A little stronger and he kept that down too. Not only that, but he really seemed to perk up a little. The next day, when I came home, he actually met me at the door and followed me into the kitchen. He eyed his empty water dish and looked up at me. It took a while but Streaker made it. New hair grew in, and his energy and spunk returned day by day.

The rest of the family started taking green barley too. I guess we figured if that's what it can do for a nearly-dead cat, I sure want to see what it can do for me. We're glad we found green barley and especially grateful for another "life" for Streaker. - Madison, Wisconsin

Barney Barney our dog had a growth on his head the size of a large pea which had been there for two years. I took him to the dog groomer to get him clipped and pointed out this growth so they wouldn't shear it off. When I picked him up, the top had been clipped right off and it was an awful mess and he continually scratched it. I had heard a tape on green barley where it was suggested to experiment, so I made a thick paste of green barley and applied it to the wound. Barney never scratched his head again and lo and behold, after three weeks the growth disappeared and all that is left is scar tissue that size of a grain of rice. - Toronto, Ontario

Mignon I have a purebred show cat that I am very attached to. During thanksgiving weekend, Mignon came down with a fever and by Sunday, he could not even lift his head to drink water, I felt helpless as my vet was away for the weekend and the animal hospital could only suggest to bring him in for tests. However, I did not even dare pick him up, much less take him for a ride in the car. I decided to try to make him drink water with green barley with the help of a syringe. This took patience, but the results were almost miraculous. Within a day he started coming back to life, and the next day he was getting up and walking around. Within three days he was completely well. Since that time, I have recommended green barley to many people and it has never failed to help them or their pets, - Ottawa, Ontario

So if your dogs are eating grass and you are wondering what they might be missing in their diets, consider BarleyLife a great nutirional supplement full of live enzymes, antioxidants etc.

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