Lyme Disease Alternative Treatments Involve Strengthening the Immune System
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Lyme Disease Alternative Treatments

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Lyme disease alternative treatments may be effective even when conventional treatments are not. The usual treatment is a month or perhaps a few months of antibiotics and such treatments can be hard to get. There are also undesirable side effects from long-term use of antibiotics.

The alternative approach basically involves strengthening the immune system which is something we should be doing anyway. Any method to help your body fight infection can be helpful here.

Drink sufficient water. This is a much underrated daily health practice and is more important when you are subject to a microbial infection. These uninvited guests produce waste products including lactic acid that can weaken your body and make symptoms worse.

Fasting is another way to restrict bacteria from getting what they need to survive. Fasting activates the immune system and puts your body into clean-up mode. There are many forms of fasting from a straight water fast to one that includes juices, green drinks or something like the Master Cleanse Diet. These modified fasts provide the nutrients your body needs to do the cleansing work. Some say that relief can be quite quick.

Make sure your system is alkaline. Disease thrives in an acidic environment. The right diet and reducing stress can be helpful to reduce acidity. For more information on body pH and even a free pH test kit click here. People with Lyme disease often become very acidic which may be the reason for many of their symptoms.

Hyperthermia, the increase in temperature of the whole body or a part of the body increases the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy by approximately 16 times.. The Lyme disease organism prefers temperatures below that of the body and is especially sensitive to the combination of antibiotics and heat.

For this reason, using a hot bath or shower, or a saunas to raise the body temperature may be helpful for controlling the Lyme disease bacteria. See the page on this site for deep heating infrared heating pads. I would be inclined to use one to heat the area close to the point of initial infection to kill off the bacteria even before initiating antibiotic use or as a precaution after a bite.

Improve your lifestyle and you will always increase your abilitiy to fight off infections. See the healthy lifestyle section of this website for more information.

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