Your Body pH Level is a Very Important Aspect of Health. Do You Know Yours?
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What is Your Body pH Balance?

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Do you know your body pH level? You should. Most people would have no idea how to answer this question. Yet, if they have a swimming pool, they could likely tell you its pH which is maintained at an ideal level. The standard medical book Human Physiology and Mechanisms of Disease by Arthur Guyton, M.D. regards body pH (or acid-alkaline balance) as one of the most important factors in human health.

The term pH stands for potential of hydrogen and refers to the balance of positive hydrogen ions (H+) and negative hydroxyl ions (OH-). When they are in balance the pH is 7.0 or neutral. If there are more hydrogen ions, as in HCl (hydrochloric acid), then the pH is below 7.0 and is acid. A pH of greater than 7.0 is alkaline.

When healthy, the pH of blood, spinal fluid and saliva is 7.4. Fortunately, body pH can be measured by a simple ten-second, pH test of the saliva. Get a simple, easy-to-use pH test kit from the Natural Pain Relief Guide Store This test provides an immediate indication of the state of the acid-alkaline balance and thus, indirectly, the state of our health. Interestingly, for swimming pools, the recommended pH range is 7.2 - 7.6.

Just seeing the wrong color result on a pH test strip can encourage a person to be more aware of lifestyle changes they could make to improve their health. It easily has a big impact on kids to encourage them to give up some of the bad things they might be eating.

The term "pH" could just as easily stand for: "Potential for Health" - it is that important!

If you are standing or sitting reading this, basically if you are alive, your blood pH will be 7.4. When you eat or drink something that is acid-forming (soft drinks due to their phosphoric acid content are very acid-forming), as it is metabolized, your blood will start to shift to the acid side - the pH reading drops to a lower number. To quickly correct this and keep you alive the buffer system of your body compensates by using the most available and abundant alkaline substance it can find which just happens to be the calcium in your bones.

The foods and drinks that will, when metabolized, make your body more acid include meat and dairy, coffee, soft drinks, sugar, processed foods and the more-processed grains (The whiter the bread the sooner you're dead!). The surprising thing is that milk and dairy products, through this mechanism, actually contribute to calcium loss from the bones! Yes, milk causes osteoporosis! There are more suprising facts about the dangers of dairy.

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Dr. Frank Oski, past Director, Department of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in his book Don't Drink Your Milk says:
"Perhaps when the public is educated as to the hazards of milk only calves will be left to drink the real thing. Only calves should drink the real thing."

To help keep your bones strong, your body healthy and your pH alkaline eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Also, eliminate or reduce meats, dairy, soft drinks, sweets, coffee and alcohol. Get more exercise (oxygen intake reduces acidity) and lower stress - an otherwise good lifestyle can be cancelled out by heavy stress. These changes can reduce your risk of osteoporosis and many other serious degenerative diseases and keep your body in the right pH range so, like in the swimming pool, you don't get the wrong things growing.

Once you have received the kit, which contains 3 test strips and an instruction sheet, you can do the test and compare your test strip results with this ph level chart.

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