Give Your Dog a Heated Bed for Comfort and Health
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Give Your Dog a Heated Bed
You Will Both Sleep Better

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Give your dog a heated bed to help with aches and pains, for general comfort, extra heat in cold weather etc. Pain relief for dogs can be difficult because they can't tell you so readily where it hurts. Relief, to a degree, can be provided just by making the animal more comfortable. These beds can do that as well as enhance circulation and benefit your pet in many of the ways that humans are benefited. Read the various pages on this site about far infrared and its benefits and understand that pets will receive many of the same benefits. Treat your dog to a heated bed and he will be calling you a dog's best friend.

ThermotexTM Therapeutic Pet Beds - Helping pets cope with pain.

Large pet bed

  1. Inside measures 12" x 20" x 4"
  2. Infrared treatment area of 143 square inches
  3. Uses 35 watts (110 volts)
  4. Polyester Blend interior/nylon exterior
  5. 3 1/2" round foam cylinder enclosure
  6. For pets up to 24 lb
thermotex pet bed large

Large pet pad

  1. Outside measures 33" x 40" x 1 1/2"
  2. Uses 35 watts (110 volts)
  3. Polyester Blend top/nylon bottom
thermotex pet pad

Small pet bed (I know - it's a cat in the picture - but obviously it would work for small dogs too.

  1. Inside measures 11" x 13" x 4"
  2. Infrared treatment area of 143 square inches
  3. Uses 35 watts (110 volts)
  4. Polyester Blend interior/nylon exterior
  5. 3 1/2" round foam cylinder enclosure
  6. For pets up to 12 lb

thermotex pet bed small

Hip Arthritis X-ray

  1. This x-ray shows severe hip arthritis in a dog.
  2. This degenerative joint disease causes pain and suffering for the animal.
  3. ThermotexTM infrared therapy beds promote blood flow which reduces inflammation and delivers an analgesic effect


ThermotexTM Pet Beds have a Velcro opening for easy heat panel removal prior to washing the complete bed.

ThermotexTM Pet Beds can also be used in your vehicle with the appropriate power inverter. You can provide your dog pain relief even while you travel!

ThermotexTM Pet Beds are ideal for:

  1. Post surgery recovery
  2. Arthritis, bursitis, and strains
  3. Muscles or joints that are causing pain
  4. Animals who need extra warmth

How Does It Work?

  1. Thermotex Therapy Systems deliver pain relief by increasing blood flow.
  2. Increased blood flow is accomplished by using infrared energy absorption.
  3. Infrared energy is absorbed by the body to a depth of 6 cm or 2.36 inches.
  4. Infrared is a radiant energy source similar to the warmth felt by sunshine with no harmful rays.
  5. As the infrared energy is absorbed, the blood flow and oxygen levels increase in the treated area.
  6. This results in a deep penetrating warmth.
  7. This warmth delivers pain relief and assists with elimination of toxins.
  8. Infrared is so safe, it is used to warm newborn babies in hospitals.

Product Features

  1. Inexpensive to operate: Thermotex Therapy Pet beds cost around 7 cents a day to operate for 24 hours.
  2. Machine Washable Lining: Removable cloth liner is easily removed for washing.
  3. No Burning: Thermotex Therapy Systems are thermostatically controlled and will never overheat.
  4. Safety and simplicity of operation: Just plug the unit into any 110 volt outlet, set on low and leave it.
  5. Uses 110 volt power; 35 watts.

Here is what some pet owners have said about their dog and a heated bed.

  1. The bed is like a day at the spa. She is very relaxed and is much more mobile.
  2. My cats and French bull dog loved the heat!
  3. My dog seemed more relaxed after using the bed.
  4. My pet became more active after using the bed.
  5. Our pet is much more nimble when he rises from the bed.
  6. Our pet literally lived in the bed and used it almost constantly.
  7. Our pet loved the bed and actually was snoring when she slept.
  8. My dog used the bed after major surgery and used it constantly for the 5 days after the surgery. The bruising was gone after 4 days and he healed very well. His arthritis doesn't seem to bother him as much either.

Patents and Certifications

  1. Patents pending
  2. CSA / UL approved
  3. ISO certified manufacturing standard 9001:2000

If you love your dog, a heated bed may be just what you want to give it for comfort and relief from those aches after spending too long chasing the cat. A ThermotexTM pet bed may be the solution.

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