Ways to Gain Weight. A Personal Success Story From a Pioneer in the Health Field
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Ways to Gain Weight Using a Scientific Fasting Program

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Wondering about ways to gain weight? Are you wondering if anyone has had success in their quest of how to add a few pounds? A degree of fatness is often perceived as healthy. Unfortunately, many have gone far overboard and become obese. But being very thin is not looked on as healthy either.
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The text below (with some very minor changes, is from chapter 15 of the book The Miracle of Fasting by Paul C. Bragg and Patricia Bragg (reprinted here with permission.)

Ways to Gain Weight Using a Scientific Fasting Program

Thin people fight frantically to gain and hold a few pounds. How to gain weight becomes an obsession with the underweight person and they are most susceptible to all kinds of weight-gaining diets. Underweight people have come to me in a frustrated and emotional condition, begging me to help them put a few pounds on their spare frames. Most of them were cold constantly ... even on the warmest summer days they wore sweaters and heavy garments! They begged me to give them a diet that would show them how to gain weight, because they were ashamed of their skeleton-like bodies.

When I told them there was no such thing as a weight-gaining diet, they were as shocked as if I had given them a death sentence. But, when I added most emphatically that there was a method of how to gain weight which included fasting, they would agree to the program but not on the fasting! They would cry out, "Don't make me any thinner than I am! I'm down to skin and bones now. If you take my food away from me, I will look like a scarecrow!" Then I had to explain that they were thin only because their bodies were nutritionally unbalanced.

I told them that food and nutrition are not synonymous. A diet of unhealthy fats, refined sugar, and carbohydrates, plus ample milk, cream and more fattening foods wouldn't necessarily help them gain weight; their body might even get thinner on this diet. They must cleanse and heal their body by fasting and living a healthy lifestyle and take a multi-enzyme.

People are not nourished in proportion to the amount of food they eat, but in proportion to how much they digest and assimilate. When the organs of digestion and assimilation are maintained in poor working condition, eating too many fatty foods in an effort to gain weight defeats its own purpose.

Being underweight is usually due to faulty health. It's futile to stuff a lot of food into the body when assimilation and digestion are working at a low ebb. The secret of normalizing weight (up or down) is to make the detoxifying system more efficient through fasting. Then the underweight person rejuvenates the digestive and assimilative systems to work efficiently.

What the underweight person needs is exactly what the-overweight person needs - a fast that gives the body a physiological rest. In both the overweight and the underweight, the digestive and assimilation systems have been overworked. This is difficult to explain to underweight people. They are impatient and want to gain weight immediately on a diet, but first the underweight person must realize that the period of physiological rest provided by the fast results in improved digestion and assimilation of foods.

Ways to Gain Weight - The Body Has Recuperative Powers
The body has extraordinary recuperative powers when it is not burdened with an excessive amount of food. In over 70 years of fasting underweight people, I have had outstanding success with underweight and emaciated people who learned to have faith in fasting and a full program of Natural Living. I have a sister whom I love very dearly who was born a very tiny baby. I believe she weighed about 3 pounds at birth. All through her life, my sister Louise was called "skinny." When she was a child, everyone would tell my mother that she should be stuffed with milk and cream and that she must eat a lot of pork, potatoes, rice, custards and all the supposed weight-gaining foods. But the more my sister was stuffed with all of these so-called fattening foods, the thinner, weaker, paler and more lifeless she became! There were many times when my sister was so weak that she had to remain in bed. And during these periods in bed, she was still stuffed on a so-called weight-gaining diet.

Later, after I had left home and regained my health, I returned to Virginia near where my sister Louise lived. She was then an adult and unmarried. She was teaching school and was thin, rundown and had an overall weakness. Her color was ghastly. After a hard day in the classroom, she would come home and throw herself across the bed in a state of exhaustion.

I told her that I had found a natural way for people to gain weight and when school closed and summer vacation began, I would return to Virginia and supervise a program to help her gain weight. She had seen the great miracle that had transformed my body after I began living the natural life and had perfect confidence in everything I told her. I explained to her that part of the program would be a series of fasts which would give her body a physiological rest. This would allow the digestive and assimilative organs of her body a chance to revive and rejuvenate themselves.

This is a cleansing system of detoxification. I told her that the fast would help increase the hydrochloric acid in her stomach so that she could absorb more protein foods. Not only would the digestion of protein be better, but all the digestive organs would improve and renew themselves through the fast. Her whole process of metabolism would improve through her fasting program.

I have proved over the years that when metabolism is improved through fasting there is a healthier density and a specific gravity in the new flesh that is built after fasting. The fast assists the body to assimilate proteins, fats, carbohydrates, starches, sugars, minerals, vitamins and all the other essential nutrients necessary for the body to work efficiently and with more strength.

Ways to Gain Weight - Miracles Happen With Fasting!
I started Louise on a 7-day distilled water fast. She entered this fast believing that Mother Nature was going to purify her digestive and assimilative organs and help her rebuild a new body. It is true that she lost weight in the 7 days of the fast, but after she broke the fast she developed a healthy appetite. What miracles this week of rest for her organs did for her system. She told me she had never enjoyed food as much as she now was enjoying her new diet. Not the so-called "good, nourishing, fattening food," but a diet of 60% raw, fresh salads, vegetables and luscious, fresh fruits and brown rice, lentils and raw nuts and seeds, etc. I gave her cooked vegetables and beans, brown rice and lentils, raw, unsalted nuts and seeds and their butters. A month after the first fast, I put her on another fast of 7 days. This 7 day fast started a new life for her because her body was in such clean, healthy condition that it began to fill out.

My skinny sister became a beautiful woman - fully rounded and streamlined - every part of her body seemed to be rejuvenated. Her hair took on a sheen it never had before, there was a glow to her cheeks and a sparkle in her eyes like a young child! Our relatives and friends were flabbergasted at the transformation in Louise. The happiest part is that within a year my sister had become one of the most popular girls in Westmoreland County, Virginia, and in another year she had married a fine, handsome man! Their lives were like a fairy tale because they had children and lived happily ever after. My sister also remained healthy, fit and youthful. Along with fasting, I gave my sister a system of exercises. She started with short walks and then built up to long walks. I persuaded her to get an abundance of fresh air, take early morning or late afternoon sunbaths and do deep breathing exercises. At all times, she maintained a tranquil and serene mind . . . she worked with Mother Nature and not against her!

How to Gain Weight - Fasting is a Weight Normalizer
What I did for my weak, thin sister, I have done for thousands of underweight people. Fasting works miracles for both the under and overweight. The genuine needs for both types of people are met by exactly the same program of natural living combined with fasting.

Fasting is the magic key for helping anyone to restore themselves to a superior state of health. Fasting is the great detoxifier and by detoxifying the body we give it a chance to restore its normal functioning. Fasting is the great "Open Sesame" to good health and long life.

Each person is different and some get results quicker than others. If you really concentrate on living The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle in which fasting plays an integral part, Mother Nature will never fail you! So, if you are thin and underweight and have tried all sorts of programs of how to gain weight that have failed, don't be discouraged. Instead, try a program of fasting. Give Mother Nature a chance to make you a person of normal weight.

Isn't that an interesting article? If you have been looking for ways to gain weight you should have picked up some good ideas. As you put into effect your plan of how to gain weight, I would be interested to hear of your results and any other tips you come across for how to gain weight in a healthy way.

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