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A pH of 8?

by Karpani
(Garberville, CA)

Thank you for sending your free pH test strips. I just tried my first, which indicated a pH of 8. I have been assuming up until now that my pH was on the acid side. I began exploring a possible imbalance in my body due to a coin-shaped rash spot on the inside of each of my ankles, and similar symptoms on my nose. In that place I began checking the foods I tend to eat and discovered that a majority are in the acid category. I am vegan, mostly gluten-free, and eat prepared foods rarely. Is there any insight any folks might offer given this info?

Response: I sounds like you have a good diet which is probably why you had a reading of 8. You might want to try another test perhaps at a different time. Sorry, I don't know how the rash might be related to any pH issues.

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Are Lemons an Alkaline Food?

by Ray

I'll start off with a question that people commonly ask - Why are lemons classed as an alkaline food? When you taste them are very sour. Doesn't sour correspond to acid?

Why are lemons classed as an alkaline food?
The answer is that it is not the pH of the food as tested before you eat it that matters but the pH that it produces in your body after it is metabolized. Digestion is the metabolic equivalent of burning something and the pH of the ash that is left (the minerals in this case) is what determines the acidifying or alkalinizing end result of a particular food. The minerals sodium, potassium or calcium content will result in an alkaline effect. Sulphur, phosphate or chloride, will have an acidic effect. Lemons, when digested, leave an alkaline residue. This makes them beneficial as far as maintaining an optimum alkaline diet.

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