Overcoming Back Pain, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Overcoming Back Pain, Arthritis and Osteoarthritis with Far Infrared Energy

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Overcoming back pain, as with so many health conditions, depends upon good circulation to bring healing to the area involved. Arthritis and osteoarthritis as well as overcoming back pain all benefit from the use of infrared heat. The study report below documents the results of a hospital study that showed the benefits.

St. Boniface Medical Center Study Report

Attached hereto is our report on the findings resultant from the "Clinical Test" carried out by us at the St. Boniface General Hospital, pertaining to the ThermotexTM pad.

This test program was carried out to determine the therapeutic values, if any, of this pad, when used for the relief of the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and for overcoming back pain, especially of the lower back.

A total of forty-two patients were involved in the tests. Each was treated for a period of no longer than seven days. It should be noted that this length of treatment was less than the recommended "time of use period" suggested by the manufacturer for the attainment of best results. Despite this shortened test period, the results proved to be excellent.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of the patients reported very beneficial relief within the seven-day test period. In fact, many of the patients literally refused to return the test pads issued to them, because of the relief they were experiencing.

The small group of patients, who showed no significant change, or minimal relief, were asked to continue the treatment for a few extra weeks. Most of these patients had severe, long-standing disease systems. After using the pad for less than three weeks, many of the patients received very beneficial relief as well. Taking into account the extended testing period, eighty-seven percent (87%) experienced significant improvement.

Our tests proved conclusively that the ThermotexTM pad does in fact deliver a "deeply penetrating yet comfortable muscular relaxing heat."

Also noted that because of the non-dehydration feature of its element, the ThermotexTM pad does not create any discoloration or dryness of the skin surface such as occurs from the use of electric heating pads on the market today.

There were no adverse effects reported by any of the patients involved in the test except in one instance, where one patient reported that his skin became "itchy". After careful and thorough examination, this reported condition proved to be resultant of a condition not relative to the pad.

In conclusion, the results of our findings in these tests are that the ThermotexTM pad, as a deep penetrating and symptom relieving therapeutic heating appliance, is safe, and can be a tremendous benefit in its use, wherever this type of heat delivery is deemed to be necessary.

Yours very truly,
Dr. Boris Rivkin, M.D. PH.D.
Dr. G Semelka, M.D. F.R.C.P., F.I.C.S.

Surface Temperature

The ThermotexTM device can generate heat without direct luminescence on the dermas thus avoiding issues of dehydration or side effects such as of blistering and so on. Further, ThermotexTM devices can generate greater heat at lower levels than can conventional heating pads while maintaining an overall lower surface temperature (10 C - 17 C lower than the General Electric Solaray heating pad).

Dr. Boris Rivkin and Dr. G. Semelka

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