Nitric Oxide Information Commonly Asked Questions
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Nitric Oxide Information
- Q and A about Red Rush


Q: What is the best mouthwash to use to ensure the best level of bacterial flora for the purposes of nitrate to nitric oxide conversion?
A: It is best not to use mouthwash to minimize the harm to the good bacteria in our mouths that produce the precursor to nitric oxide. If you must use a mouthwash, it is best to use those that have no alcohol. My dentist suggested I use a combination of one part hydrogen peroxide to three parts water as a mild agent to remove the bad bacteria that leads to gum disease and tooth decay without causing significant damage to the good bacteria.

Q: Is Red Rush Good for Vegetarians?
A: I encourage vegetarians to test with the nitric oxide test strips as they are likely to be deficient. If they are, I suggest Red Rush, RediBeets and ProPeas.

Q: How do most people feel after taking Red Rush?
A: A percentage (25%) of the the people who take Red Rush report a lightheaded feeling for thirty minutes after consumption. This is likely caused by high nitric oxide deficiency. When their blood becomes infused with nitric oxide, the blood in the core is dispersed more evenly throughout the body. If standing, there may be less initial blood flow to the head. This feeling will diminish in about a week if one Red Rush is consumed daily.

Q: Can a type one diabetic take Red Rush?
A: Each shot of Red Rush contains 22 g of carbs of which 20 g is sugar. In comparison, an eight ounce glass of juice contains 26 g of carbs, 21 g of that being sugar. Red Rush is, therefore, comparable to a typical juice serving.

Q: How does the nitrate level in Red Rush compare with other food sources?
A: See the image below.


Q: How will Red Rush affect my blood pressure?
A: A 2010 American Heart Association study observed a ten-point reduction in systolic blood pressure after consumption of 341 mg of beet nitrate. Red Rush contains 500 mg of beet nitrate and theoretically has the potential to reduce systolic blood pressure up to fifteen points. Other vegetables hardly compare nitratewise.

Q: Can Red Rush benefit those with arthritis?
A: Yes. Red Rush contains dark sweet cherry juice that is high in natural anthocyanins which have been shown to reduce arthritic inflammation.

Q: How can Red Rush benefit the nervous system?
A: The nitric oxide produced from Red Rush consumption has the ability to enhance the efficiency of nerve signaling and promotes a healthy sleep-wake cycle and normal hormone secretion.

Q: How do beets cleanse the liver?
A: The betaine found in beets assists the liver in its function of removing toxins from the body. Additionally, beets lower homocsteine levels, improve stomach acid production, reduce oxidation of LDL cholesterol and reduce the formation of plaques in our arteries. All of these aid the liver in its ability to perform efficiently.

Q: Is the plastic bottle safe? Will the plastic leech into the juice?
A: We chose the highest quality of plastic recommended for packaging a juice, a rigid PETE plastic. This style of plastic is comprised of large high-molecular weight molecules (as opposed to the softer LDPE plastics.) The amount of migration of these high-molecular weight molecules to the liquid over time is minimal. Strict limits have been set in the EU for this migration and PETE meets these standards for liquids.

Q: Can Red Rush help sexual health?
A: According to Rush University Medical Center, the most common cause of erectile dysfunction is poor circulation whether it be from diabetes, cholesterol problems, smoking or hypertension. Beet juice has been shown to reduce hypertension. When you drink beet juice, your body converts vegetable nitrates into nitric oxide and that causes vasodilation, a widening of the blood vessels. When your blood vessels are wider, your blood flow is increased. So ...

Q: Does Red Rush contain artificial stimulants?
A: Red Rush contains no caffeine, stimulants, or ephedra.

Q: Does Red Rush affect sleep?
A. Nitric oxide, naturally provided by Red Rush, has the potential to increase the quality of your sleep by allowing you to achieve REM sleep more often, the most important sleep. Better sleep also allows athletes to recover faster and train more often.

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