An Internal Cleanse with Clay can Remove Heavy Metals and Toxins
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Try an Internal Cleanse with Clay for Effective Detoxification

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An internal cleanse with clay can be very beneficial to your health. Clay will bind with the various toxins in your intestinal tract and enable them to be removed from the body. This includes toxins that would not be removed in any other way. The clay is not absorbed by the intestines into the bloodstream.

The state of the bowel is very important as this is where many toxins are dumped but they are not always removed effectively.

Here are some reasons for cleansing internally with clay:

  1. Detoxifying (including heavy metals)
  2. Blood purification
  3. General internal cleansing: to increase energy, clear complexion, enhance alertness, etc
  4. Strengthening and healing of the digestive tract associated with: ulcers, polyps, diverticuli, hiatal hernia, Crohn's Disease, ulcerative colitis, stomach and colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophogeal reflux disease (GERD), diarrhea, and peptic ulcer disease

Important notes when doing an internal cleanse with clay

  1. Always use distilled or purified water NOT tap water.

  2. When doing the internal cleanse with clay (as with many intestinal cleanses) it's creating more bulk for your digestive system to handle. Make sure you drink plenty of water so you don't get constipated.

  3. Never put clay into a metal container or use a metal mixing spoon. Clay should never come into contact with metal. DO NOT use METAL measuring spoons or cups! (You can use plastic measuring spoons) The metal can react with the clay and jeopardize the effectiveness of it. Glassware or ceramic is the recommended container to store in and wooden spoons to scoop.

  4. The clay can be safely stored in a plastic container UNTIL it has been hydrated. Once water has been added, it needs to be stored ONLY in glass or ceramic. The clay becomes much more absorbent once it is hydrated and can pull out chemicals from the container in which it is stored.)

  5. An internal cleanse with clay will detoxify your body of heavy metals, meaning it pulls out heavy metal particles to be excreted as waste. That being said, if you have fillings in your teeth, metal plates, screws, etc in your body, it should not affect them. The clay pulls out the small particles of heavy metals that are floating around your body, getting lodged in different areas and causing health problems. You can safely take the clay even if you have metal in your body.

Dosage information for an internal cleanse with clay (adults or children):

Body Weight
Clay Amount
Water Amount
50 lb or less
1/8 teaspoon
4 oz
50 - 100 lb
1/2 teaspoon
4 oz
100 - 150 lb
1 teaspoon
8 oz
150 lb or more
2 teaspoons
16 oz

Add the clay to the amount of water specified the night before you are to begin taking it (sitting in the water overnight brings out the properties of the clay and makes it more powerful). Let it stand overnight (roughly 8 hours) in the glass.

The First Week:

  1. Starting on a Sunday is good, because each Sunday will be your "start" day for the week but start whenever it works for you.

  2. First thing in the morning, drink the TOP liquid portion of the clay water only. Leave the "sludgy" part in the bottom of the glass. The clay that is left in the bottom of the glass needs to be thrown away. It CANNOT be re-used!

  3. The reason you start with just the clay water is that you are introducing a substance into your body that is loosening toxins. You don't want to shock your system with too much detoxifying at once, so you start with a smaller amount (just the clay particles that are in the liquid portion). Do this for 7 days.

Note: You need to take clay on an empty stomach and then wait at least ONE full hour before eating or taking any other supplements or medication, as the clay can absorb the other substances and it can slow digestion. If you are on life-sustaining medication, such as some heart medications, it is best to wait 2 hours. The clay may or may not absorb the other medications or supplements, however, better safe than sorry.

The Second and Third Week:
Beginning on the "start" day of the second week of your internal cleanse with clay, you will drink the entire contents of the glass, sludge and all (it's not that bad). You should be able to just swirl the glass and it will mix up without having to stir it. Do this for 14 days.

The Fourth Week:
After you have been taking the clay for 3 weeks, you will want to give your body a rest. This is necessary as your body is getting used to the cleansing process. The entire fourth week you will take NO clay. That's 7 days of rest.

The Fifth to Seventh Weeks:
You will now repeat the process of weeks 2-3. Since your body has already gotten used to the clay, you will NOT need to start off by drinking only the water portion. You can go ahead and drink the entire contents of the glass. Do this for 3 weeks (21 days/weeks 5-7).

The Eight Week:
This week you will rest again. 7 days off. Remember, your body needs this resting period. You will be excited, especially as you start noticing the positive effects of the clay, however, remember that this resting period is vital!

The Ninth to Eleventh Weeks:
Same as weeks 5-7. Drink entire contents of glass for 3 weeks (21 days).

Congratulations!! You have now finished your 3-month clay cleanse!

What to Do After the Cleanse:

Depending on your condition, you may want to repeat this internal cleanse with clay a few times or just take it once. Only YOU can tell how you feel and if you feel like you would be benefited from another cleanse. After the cleanse is over, some people feel so good that they want to continue taking the clay on a regular basis instead of in the form of a cleanse, 7 days on (clay water), 7 days off (no clay at all) is a good schedule that many people have benefited from. However, some people prefer (and have better results) with continuing to take it every day. See what works best for YOUR body, and do accordingly.

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