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Home Remedies for Sciatica

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There are many suggested home remedies for sciatica. I would just like to emphasize the importance of a proper diagnosis. As the how to cure sciatica main page on this site mentions, sciatica is really a collection of symptoms and is itself a symptom of a few possible conditions some of which can be fairly serious. However, there are things you can perhaps do to alleviate the pain - see what is listed here, do a little more research and then try some of them. Just be sure that you are addressing the underlying cause which, so often, is a muscle imbalance.
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Possible Home Remedies for Sciatica

(Note: these are reported in various places. I cannot vouch for their effectiveness. Do your own further research):

Heat. Hot showers, an infrared heating pad, alternating hot and cold compresses will all help to improve circulation. Many aspects of health and healing are dependent on good circulation.

The juices of potatoes and celery leaves (minimum 10 ounces daily). Carrot and beet juice can be added to strengthen the formula.

Raw garlic or taking garlic supplements along with B-complex gives relief from aches and pains, aids circulation, is an anti-oxidant and also provides warmth and energy.

Raw sauerkraut may help relieve muscular pain.

Horseradish freshly crushed, made into a poultice and applied to the painful areas for at least an hour is claimed by some to stimulate the sciatica nerve and provide pain relief.

Water is one of the best natural treatment options for sciatica pain relief. Sufficient water intake can help to bring down pain by improving circulation. Drinking enough water helps with so many different things because most people are chronically dehydrated. Discs lose mass and water with age (or, more likely with drought - an extended time of not drinking enough water) and become more prone to injury. See my page about the water cure for more information about water's benefits, and how much you should drink.

Sleeping on a firm mattress and use good posture.

Lift heavy loads correctly so that the problem is not aggravated.

Inversion therapy and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units offer pain relief for some people.

Treatments for sciatica must include a good diet, exercise and whatever is needed to improve overall health.

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