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What is the state of your health? Do you ever consider something like an annual health inventory? This would be a good time of year to do that. You might decide that you would like to initiate some new habits for the New Year so that a year from now you can look back and see that your health has actually improved.

Aside from all the big things we can do (that most of you know about) such as more fresh air and exercise, more sleep, better eating etc (see the navigation bar links to the left), there are often many little things that we do or don't do (and should) that can add up to make a significant difference to our overall health. Also, there are new and coming health challenges in our world and new developments on the cutting edge of health and wellness. You could benefit from an annual, personal health evaluation - kind of like a state-of-the-union summary of your present state of health.

As we get older, our bodies change but they generally do it slowly. Sometimes, it is so gradual that we don't perceive the changes; we get used to "the new me" and don't recognize the slow but steady decline. Our bodies, in most ways, change slowly and that may be frustrating if we are trying to lose weight or get fit or recover from an accident or health challenge. However, that can also be a blessing as the decline is also slow enough that we can do something about it. We just need to recognize that there are changes so that we can take the appropriate action.

It is very important that we become informed on health matters. To just depend on your doctor to maintain your health with a brief visit every few months may be a neglect of responsibility on your part. It is your body; you know best how it reacts to your inputs and environment. You are the one who makes the daily choices that can make a difference.

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To encourage you to really look at the state of your health I am recommending a free, on-line State of Your Health Global Summit featuring 20 world-renowned experts. They will be sharing their best tips to help you improve how you feel in your daily life. The summit starts on Thursday December 10 and ends on December 16 so check it out today. To register click on the image to the right. The summit organizers will send the information you need to watch once the summit begins. There is no cost to watch the speakers online.

The speakers are doctors, authors, international speakers, people who are at the top of their respective fields. One example is Dr. David Perlmutter, a Board-Certified Neurologist and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of Grain Brain.

Other speakers will cover topics such as thyroid disorders, healthy fats, which carbs are bad, juicing, probiotics, sleep, stress, children's health, female cancers, Lyme disease and much more.

Whether you watch the summit or research information on your own, learn to be more informed and self-reliant when it comes to your health. This is not about refusing necessary medical care; it is about doing all you can to not need it.

Note that I do not necessarily endorse everything these experts are saying but then I am not an expert myself. What I am especially endorsing is that you learn what works for you.

Here is a short example (5-minute video below) of one of the well-known summit speakers, Dr. Tom O'Bryan:


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