Try a Clay Bath for an Effective Detox
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A Clay Bath - Here's How to Do it Right

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You don't want to take more than 2 clay baths a week since the toxins that are being loosened and pulled out can cause you to feel weak. Also the clay has a drying effect on your skin; so when you're taking clay baths, make sure you're using a good natural moisturizer or oil such as coconut or olive oil to keep your skin nice and supple. The amount of clay you will use for the bath depends on a couple of factors:
  1. How much detoxifying your body needs
  2. How much money you're willing to spend

For the average person, 2-4 cups of clay in the bath is plenty, taking 2 baths a week for a month is a good cleanse. If you are a smoker or are exposed to a lot of chemicals either inhaling, or on your skin (first of all, you should be taking the clay internally for sure) and you may want to use 10-15 cups of clay per bath. When using this much clay you should start with only 1 bath the first week and then work up to 2 the second week. Regardless of amount of clay, the FIRST WEEK you should only stay in the clay tub for NO LONGER than 30 minutes. The following weeks you can stay up to 45 minutes, but that is plenty. When you stay longer than that, the toxins that have been pulled out begin to reabsorb into your body through your skin and you may actually feel worse!

Another note: Be very careful using the clay in your tub. Make sure the clay is completely absorbed (you can do this by either mixing it with water before hand so you have a liquid clay that you pour into the water - OR - sprinkling lightly on the top of the water so that it absorbs the clay and doesn't clump. If it clumps, it may cause problems with your drainage system so be careful so you don't clog your drains!

Types of tubs that are appropriate for clay baths:

  1. Porcelain is best, but expensive
  2. Next is any metal tub (galvanized steel, cast iron, etc.) that is coated with a porcelain finish.
  3. Plastic or Fiberglass tubs are less recommended, but will work.
  4. DO NOT use a metal tub that is not coated (some people think they will use a feeding trough outside because they are nice and big. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

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