Back Pain Muscle Spasms and Knee Pain Relief Achieved by Enhanced Blood Flow
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Back Pain, Muscle Spasms and Many Other Pains Relieved

By Far Infrared-Enhanced Blood Flow

Having back pain, muscle spasms or knee pain? Relief from these and similar symptoms can be achieved by increasing the circulation to the affected area. An excellent way to reduce your pain is by infrared heating using a Thermotex Infrared Heating Pad. Below is thermographic evidence of the benefits of infrared heat.

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Let's say you have just twisted your knee in a fall while skiing. You certainly can't ski until it is better but you are anxious to get back on the slopes. What will it take for your knee to be usable for skiing again? You could just take pain killers but that only masks the problem and greatly increases the risk of further and much more serious injury. In fact, there is no pain killer or drug in the world that can fix your knee.

The only way it can be healed is through the natural mechanisms of your body. To achieve the needed repairs your body needs to clear out the debris from the injury, bring in the necessary materials to make the repairs and get the job done. This all requires blood flow to the injured area. Blood flow can easily be measured by thermography. The question is: how to increase the circulation?

Thermography is used to measure the radiation of heat. In the following pictures you will see that the initial state of the injured area in each case is showing colder (greenish color) than the surrounding tissue. This is accounted for by the lack of blood flow to the injured area. As the injury is treated and the pain relieved by increasing blood flow, the temperature of the injured area soon returns to normal.

The thermographs below show the improvement in a patient with upper back pain (greenish area on the left). After 3 half-hour treatments per day (for 4 days) using a Thermotex Platinum pad, the area on the back looks the same as the uninjured side.

back pain muscle spasms
back pain image
upper back pain image

The thermographs below show a patient with a knee problem (knee on the left with the greenish color). After 3 half-hour treatments per day (for 7 days) using a Thermotex Platinum pad, the knee has the same appearance as the uninjured knee.

knee pain muscle spasms
knee pain image
knee thermograph

A ThermotexTM far infrared heating pad gently heats the same way the sun does. It provides quick temporary relief of pain and, with repeated treatments, enhances blood flow and the bodies own healing capability.

So, if you are having back pain, muscle spasms, knee pain etc, you might want to consider a Thermotex. It will help increase the circulation to bring pain relief and it feels good too!

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