A Natural Pain Relief Guide that Provides Good Information and Real Solutions
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A Natural Pain Relief Guide with Real Long-Term Pain Solutions

You Can Reduce or Eliminate Your Aches and Pains
- Often With Simple Lifestyle Changes

Is natural pain relief what you are looking for? Are you tired of the pharmaceutical approach that often only masks symptoms and provides no real solutions to the underlying problems? This natural pain relief guide is for people who are coping with mainly chronic pain and who would like to find natural ways for chronic pain relief to achieve pain management without drugs. It focuses on simple lifestyle measures and natural treatments for relieving pain.

It is also for those who would like to stay healthy and avoid future pain by making good health choices now. If you are looking for natural, non-drug ways to relieve pain or if your pain is motivating you to improve your lifestyle, then this website is for you.

This website helps you to relieve pain naturally by:
  1. explaining what pain is and its root causes
  2. providing general methods to reduce acute or chronic pain
  3. providing specific methods to deal with particular sources of pain
  4. explaining how to develop a healthy lifestyle to help prevent pain in the first place and to increase your body's ability to heal itself

To Most Effectively Use This Site:

The Healthy lifestyle section in the navigation bar includes links to plenty of information about a healthy lifestyle. There you are sure to find something to benefit your health and your efforts to achieve natural pain relief. A healthy lifestyle will almost always help you in some way to overcome almost any pain.

You can visit the ten natural doctors listed in the navigation bar or click the links below:

Dr. Nutrition
Dr. Nutrition will tell you that, just like your car, your body needs the right fuel to work well. What you eat has to supply the nutritional needs of every one of your 75 trillion cells. Your tastes can actually adapt so that, over time, you will come to really enjoy healthy food. So make good choices and persist.
Dr. Exercise
Dr. Exercise will tell you that getting enough exercise is as important as eating right. He will tell you that, in fact, many more people rust out than wear out. Use it or lose it is still true. Science is learning that just sitting for extended periods can be very detrimental to your health. So get moving.
Dr. Water
Dr. Water reminds us that we are composed of about 70% water. He claims that water is the most important nutrient. Fortunately, our body systems are very good at recycling the water we drink. But still we do need lots of good water. Do you know how much? Are you staying well hydrated?
Dr. Sunshine
Dr. Sunshine says you need sun exposure to produce the sunshine vitamin (D) and for many other benefits - just don't burn. Sunscreen makers want you using their products all the time but overuse (it's absorbed through your skin) had been shown to result in higher cancer rates - even skin cancer!
Dr. Temperance
Dr. Temperance advises that anytime you take something harmful into your body you are causing harm. The damage may not show but it happens - all the little hurts add up. There are enough toxins around that we can't avoid. Why expose ourselves to ones you can avoid on purpose?
Dr. Air
Dr. Air reminds us that we exhale waste matter. Why breathe that back into your body any more than necessary? Be sure you have a supply of fresh air. You will have more energy, be more alert, think better and even live longer. Proper breathing can even reduce pain - now that is natural pain relief.
Dr. Rest
Dr. Rest prescribes 7-8 hours per night. Getting enough can improve memory and mood, help you to cope with stress, strengthen your immune system and even make you live longer. Proper sleep can produce human growth hormone which helps maintain muscle mass and even give you more energy.
Dr. Detox
Dr. Detox will remind you that even if you do everything else right from this day forward (until at death you depart) you still need to take his advice. We have all been absorbing toxins every day of our lives. It accumulates and all has an effect. Remove some of your toxic load and improve your health.
Dr. Knowledge
Dr. Knowledge will suggest that you have a personal responsibility for your own health. Even if you have a good doctor, you are the one living inside your body, your are the one who feels the effects of health choices. Study and know what you need to do to be in health and avoid pain. You can have natural pain relief.
The Great Physician
The Great Physician knows best. If you are tuned in to Him, if you live your life for the good of others, if you keep you conscience clear, you will reap great health rewards. Knowing that you are always forgiven is a great relief to many people carrying a burden of guilt. This has changed people's lives.

At no charge, these ten doctors will give you some of the best advice you will find anywhere on achieving natural pain relief through an optimum lifestyle. After all, we often say that:

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

The Health products section presents products that are effective in dealing with specific pains and, in some cases, with pain in general. More products will be added here and specials will be offered in the shopping mall.

If you have a specific pain or health concern, look for the appropriate topic or condition under the heading Natural pain relief for specific conditions in the navigation bar. Notice there the "More conditions ..." link that leads to many more conditions than those listed in the nav bar. For additional pain rehab resources, you may also want to check out the OSPI Orthopedic Clinic of Gilbert, AZ, as they specialize in rehabilitation treatment which can ease certain types of pain naturally.

If it is not there, you are welcome to contact me, describe your situation and I will see if I can find any information (especially from a natural lifestyle perspective) to help. I can only add one topic at a time and only have so much time but can and will make any specific inquiry a priority. Perhaps bookmark this site (yellow box below the navigation bar) and check back occasionally as new material and topics will be continually added.

There is also a section of Health-related articles: with articles of interest for general health to help you stay healthy and avoid pain.

Whether you have a specific pain or just want to maintain your health to avoid future pain, you can also browse this site to learn more about how a healthy lifestyle can help you to avoid pain in the future and, when necessary, achieve natural pain relief.

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